SAE School Counselor

Mrs. Jamie Rieser

My name is Jamie Rieser and I have been providing school-based counseling at St. Anthony since 2006 and love being here! I have a passion for working with children to help them reach their full potential and I love the nurturing, supportive, and energy-filled environment at St. Anthony.

I work with students and the adults in their lives to help them overcome any issues that are compromising their success at school. I believe that in order to be successful in academics, students need to have good social/emotional health and that addressing any concerns early increases success in all areas of life. I help students with a diverse range of issues including friendship, social skills, worry/anxiety, grief, ADHD, organization skills, emotional regulation, anger, and life changes such as parent divorce, a move, or other adjustments. I mainly work with students individually but at times have groups such as a friendship group or grief group to address the current needs of students. 

I enjoy teaching students about their brains and the connection between their minds and body. I believe that knowledge is power and that the more students know about themselves, the more control they can have over their actions and feelings. I also feel strongly about helping students understand the importance of relationships and how their actions impact others in a larger social context and how they can use their God-given abilities to make their world a kinder, healthier place for themselves and others.

I am available to consult with teachers and parents about concerns they have and to help provide ideas for the classroom and home success. I am usually at the school twice a week but also check voicemail and email regularly throughout the week and can be available at the school at other times when needed.

Jamie L. Rieser, MS

SAE School-Based Counselor

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

phone: 507-233-0780