Greyhound Proud

Throughout the 150-year history of Catholic education in New Ulm, we have seen the school system grow enormously. From 18 students in a small brick building, to over 400 students on the K-12 St. Anthony Elementary and Cathedral High School campus.

Many people have contributed to the success of what is now a thriving school system. NUACS is grateful to all, past and present for their support of Catholic education in this beautiful city of New Ulm.

NUACS Alumni Tournament was held on Saturday, December 18th. Pictured below are this year's Volleyball and Basketball tournament champions! Thank you to all who participated and supported this fun annual Alumni tradition.

Greyhound Express

GE Summer 2022.pdf
2022 Spring GE.pdf
2021 Summer GE TH number 10 Final.pdf

The Hound

The CHS Journalism class has been hard at work over quarter 1! Attached is volume one of The Hound, Cathedral's very own school newspaper! This has been a student-led project that is still growing! The students have learned a lot through this first publication and are busy working on volume 2 of The Hound.

Volume 3: Click Here to read the latest edition of The Hound.

Volume 4: Click Here to read the latest edition of The Hound.

Volume 2

The Hound - Quarter2.pdf

Volume 1