Building Life-Long Learners

Challenging students to grow in faith, knowledge, service, and character.

Welcome from Monsignor Douglas Grams

As the pastor/rector of the Holy Cross Area Faith Community and Canonical Administrator of New Ulm Area Catholic Schools, I look forward to walking with you during this academic year. I am grateful to parents who choose NUACS for their children's education. As parents, you are the first and primary educators of your children in the ways of faith. NUACS will assist you, but not replace your role and witness as practicing Catholics. As a Catholic school, we strive to reinforce values introduced at home.

I give thanks to God for the sacrifices, commitment, and dedication of all who have gone before us to make Catholic education possible. I'm grateful to our faculty, staff, parishes, and alumni who assist us in providing Catholic Education today.

This year we mark our 143rd year of passing on the faith through the New Ulm Area Catholic Schools. As people of faith, we use God's gift of reason to grow in knowledge in order to live what we believe and express it each day in loving service of our neighbor within our Catholic schools and beyond. Following the example of Pope Francis, we do so in a spirit of joy.

Mission Statement

The New Ulm Area Catholic School system provides a Catholic Education that promotes spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. We accomplish this in partnership with parents, the Church, and the community.

Philosophy Statement

The New Ulm Area Catholic School system challenges students to grow in faith, knowledge, service, and character:

  • by integrating Catholic values to prepare the next generation of faith-filled leaders (Faith)

  • by partnering with parents to inspire students for excellence in learning (Knowledge)

  • by developing an understanding of the needs of the local and global communities (Service)

  • by teaching valuable life skills and lessons that help build strong character (Character)

NUACS Governance

New Ulm Area Catholic Schools, Inc. is a corporation owned and operated by four corporate parishes: Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Church of St. Mary, Church of St. John the Baptist, and Church of St. George. The governing body of NUACS consists of the Board of Directors. The Bishop of the Diocese of New Ulm and the pastor of the four corporate parishes, and Bishop appointee, serve on the Board of Directors. The pastor of the four corporate parishes serve on the NUACS Board of Education, along with parish representatives from each corporate parish, and members at large. The principals, the school accountant, and the administrative assistant to the principals attend all board of education meetings.

It is the mission of New Ulm Area Catholic Schools, guided by strong Catholic teachings and values, to provide our students with an education that promotes spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. We strive to accomplish this in partnership with parents, the Church, and our other communities.

A Word From Bishop John M. LeVoir, President, NUACS Board of Directors

I was a parish priest for 27 years before being appointed the Bishop of New Ulm. Every one of those years was spent in a parish with a Catholic school. Even though maintaining a Catholic school has its challenges, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I have seen that the Catholic school helps to evangelize a parish in a significant way. Why is this so? The Catholic school assists parents in passing on the Catholic way of life--the way of the Gospel--to their children.

The Catholic way of life calls the baptized to live the Gospel and to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This means that we are called to transform our culture into a culture of love and life. We do this from within the culture when, in every context, we live out our Catholic faith by what we say and do. We only need to look around us to see how desperately our world needs to be transformed.

Catholic schools are agents of transformation because they have the mission to form the whole person, body, and soul. Each student is seen as an image of God and as one loved infinitely by Jesus Christ. The study of the various subjects in a Catholic school is done through the prism of the Gospel as taught in religion class. Such study serves to develop the students as images of God. Through the prism of the Gospel, science, literature, mathematics, dramatics, sports, geography, and history are all seen as ways of understanding and appreciating God's gift of creation and His working out of human salvation. It is this understanding and appreciation that the Catholic school student brings to the world.

I am committed to working with pastors, administrators, faculty, staff, and volunteers in our Catholic schools in their most important work of evangelization.

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NUACS is a fully accredited K-12 School System

MNSAA is the largest accrediting association for nonpublic schools in the State of Minnesota, accrediting over 170 K-12 schools. The Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council officially recognizes MNSAA as a bonified accrediting association within the State of Minnesota. MNSAA is also a state chapter of the National Federation of Nonpublic State School Accrediting Associations.

The Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) was established in 1976 to accredit nonpublic secondary schools. Prior to this time, the nonpublic secondary schools were accredited through an exclusive process by the University of Minnesota. In response to a broad petition, the Association began accrediting nonpublic elementary schools in 1983.

NUACS is also recognized as an accredited school by NFNSSAA (National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Association).