Board of Directors and Board of Education

Board of Directors

  • Bishop of Diocese of New Ulm

  • Monsignor Douglas L. Grams, Canonical Administrator of New Ulm Area Catholic Schools and Pastor of Holy Cross Area of Faith Community

  • Mrs. Shirley Laraway, Bishop Appointee, New Ulm, MN

  • Mr. John Illikman, Bishop Appointee, New Ulm, MN

Board of Education

  • Canonical Administrator

    • Msgr. Douglas Grams

  • Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

    • Julie Wilson

    • Paul Macho

  • Church of St. Mary

    • Mike Brehmer

    • Amber Collins

  • Church of St. George

    • Rick Franta

    • Jenna Peterson

  • Church of St. John the Baptist

    • Kathy Drexler

    • Denis Miling

  • Ex-Officio

    • Erica DeVries

Role the Canonical Administrator

  • Responsible for recommending candidates to serve as Principal to the Board of Directors

  • Oversees the elementary and high school principals

  • Serves as the school liaison to the Board of Directors

  • Shall have the final say in all matters related to the school, including personnel and student issues

The NUACS board of education meeting agendas, approved minutes, and supporting approved documents relating to the meetings are on file at the school and are available for review by contacting the elementary principal or the high school principal.

Roles the Board of Education Serves:

  • Foster and promote the organization’s mission, purpose, and direction

  • Elect officers of the Board of Education Fill member-at-large position

  • Review and develop appropriate policies

  • Oversee compliance with board approved policies

  • Engage in ongoing assessment and strategic planning

  • Support initiatives which seek to ensure adequate resources

  • Reinforce the positive aspect of inter-parish cooperation and cooperative teamwork between school and the greater community

  • This board does not deal with individual employee or student matters