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The 2018 Minnesota day of giving was held on Thursday, November 15.  This year, raised money to expand the Chromebook roll-out. 

Bringing new technology into the classroom promotes 21st-century learning skills!

Chromebooks facilitate collaboration and encourage opportunities for students to work together while completing group projects, presentations, and research papers. Calendars, email, and video conferencing allow students to connect with others and track assignments. Access to schoolwork can be from school, home, phones, the public library, or anywhere the student accesses the internet.

Chromebooks are a safe and affordable way to provide technology applications to our students and meet the diverse needs of all learners in our schools.

It is the goal of New Ulm Area Catholic Schools to provide classroom sets and 1:1 technology to all of our students in order to provide the best educational experience.

We continue to accept donations toward the Chromebook expansion!

Click Here to donate via the NUACS website.



Contact: Sara Rieland
514 N. Washington St.
New Ulm, MN 56073