Welcome to Science Classes!

Originally from Rochester, MN, Matthew moved to New Ulm about 3 years ago, and has been involved with NUACS ever since through his work as Youth Ministry Coordinator for our AFC. He graduated from NDSU with a B.S. in Zoology, then continued with further Science and Education courses at Winona State University.  His education, combined with 8+ years of experience working with middle school students in ministry and school settings, makes for a good mix!

"Where ever I go, I'm constantly observing the world around me. I'm excited to share this love of learning about the created world with the students. I'm even more excited to do so through the lens of the Catholic faith in order to help remove the notion that science and faith are at odds with each other. Middle school students are a joy to work with...I'm grateful for this opportunity!"

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys traveling to Iceland, developing photography and videography skills, and doing handstands on things.


514 N. Washington St.
New Ulm, MN 56073