Scrip is an excellent way to save money on your tuition! There are numerous places where you already spend money that offer Scrip. Simply stop by the St. Anthony Elementary, Cathedral High School or Business Office to pick up your Scrip. It is a great way to budget your money too! This is how it works -

Scrip = Gift Cards = Substitute Money
  1. NUACS buys Scrip gift cards from national and local retailers at a discount.
  2. Supporters buy Scrip gift cards at full face value.  $25 cash buys $25 in Scrip gift cards.
  3. Supporters then shop at participating local and national retailers, and use the Scrip gift cards to pay for their purchases. 
  4. The difference between the discount and the face value is profit realized by NUACS.  50% of that profit is applied to the family tuition account of your choice and the remaining profit is donated to NUACS.
  5. All that is required is a little planning before shopping.  You will be spending the same amount on these items with the added benefit of helping your family or others.  Try it for one month to see how easy it is.  Simply stop by a NUACS office and purchase Scrip gift cards for your groceries, gas, and so much more.  Please contact Elaine at 359-2839 for more information.  We hope you consider taking part in this important program.
Now offering online SCRIP! 
Contact Elaine by phone at 359-2839 or email at 
or Stefanie Wenninger at to get the enrollment code and start purchasing SCRIP!

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New Ulm, MN 56073