Welcome to 7th grade American History, 8th grade World Geography and 9th grade History! 

Welcome to CHS and the beginning of the high school experience.  My teaching duties include 7th  grade American History and 8th grade World Geography and 9th grade World History.
One of my goals is to help 7th and 8th graders get into a successful routine with habits that will enhance their high school learning experience.


The purpose of teaching History is to study events in time and how those events have impacted the present.  The subject of history, as taught by most history teachers, answers five questions: Who?, What?, When?, Where? , and How? In addition to that the study of History must answer two more questions: Why? , and the one most relevant to its study, So what? My hope is to promote the desire to learn about the past and understand its value in the world today. 
History "can help us to see that not all problems have solutions, to live with tentative answers, to accept compromise, to embrace responsibilities as well as rights - to understand that democracy is a way of living, not a settled destination.   . . . . . . The study of history best prepares the student to exert "a salutary influence upon the affairs of this country," because it best promotes "the invaluable mental power which we call judgement."                         Why Study History by Paul Gagnon

The purpose of Geography is to study events through the impact of the places and locations that those events happen.  Charles F. Gritzner, SDSU, Brookings, SD, Defines Geography: "What Is Where, Why There, and Why Care?" My hope is to promote the desire to learn about God’s Earth and understand the role of Geography in understanding the world today.

Immanuel Kant, writing some two centuries ago, described the study of Geography as a subject that focuses upon Earth's features and conditions through asking where they are found (the spatial context, or location.  A simple definition of geography emerges: if "When?" is the realm of history, then "Where?" is the primary focus of geographic inquiry.  We are focusing on the first two themes of Geography which are location and place.  We are using a program called "Mapping the World by Heart" to help us zero in on the location and place of the countries in the world to help explain why the events of the world happen where they do.



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