Welcome to Biology (and Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Environmental Science)!

Jenny pictureHello!  My name is Mrs. Janssen and I have been teaching at CHS since 2012.  You will notice that I love hands on learning, so we will do a lot of labs in all my science classes.  In Biology, we do a couple of major projects:  Duckweed Lab and a Genetics Disease project.  In Chemistry and Physics we do numerous labs with every unit.  In Anatomy, we do dissections as well as other lab activities.  In Environmental Science we will do a wide variety of topics that all relate to Environmental Science!  You will find that I follow a general routine of doing lecture notes, handing out a study guide, and then mixing in lab activities, videos, worksheets and any other experiences that will help you learn the subject matter.  I love science and my goal is to help you love it too – or at least make it fun!

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