English Honors 12
This class receives a weighted grade.
Required:  1 Credit
Pre-requisite:  Recommendation by 11th grade English instructor 
(Interviews with English instructors are also sometimes required.)

In this comprehensive, year-long course, students are challenged to pursue advanced reading and composition units in preparation for post-secondary pursuits.  Students will read and analyze a survey  of British literature from 1000 to the present. Study includes identifying themes, trends, literary theories and changes in British literature, history, and culture.  Works of non-fiction as well as fiction are utilized to build critical-thinking and comprehension skills;  individual independent reading units are also incorporated to build reading skills and promote life-long reading.  Written work includes research-writing, literary analysis, profile papers based on interviewing sessions,  business writing,  advanced personal narratives, and digital writing.  Presentation of research information is shared in multiple formats including written and spoken forms. Grammar and usage skills, vocabulary-building skills, and spelling skills are on-going in this curriculum. This course is the second year of the two-year English Honors program at CHS.
The CIS composition curriculum –University Writing – can only be offered at CHS when the schedule allows us to meet the requirements of the University of Minnesota (both with regard to student eligibility and staff availability.)  If this course is offered, it is incorporated into English 12 Honors and students are notified.
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