St. Anthony Elementary School
Grades K-6


The main goal of New Ulm Area Catholic Schools is to educate our students in a Christian environment and to teach the Catholic faith.

St. Anthony Elementary School opened in 1999 and is home to approximately 300 students in grades K-6. The building is located on the New Ulm Area Catholic Schools campus, which also includes Cathedral High School, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Church and the Holy Trinity Convent.
Students consistently excel on standardized tests, scoring well above national averages in all curriculum areas.

Elementary students focus on a strong core curriculum academic program with additional opportunities in physical education, music, art, and computer skills.

St. Anthony students have current technology available. iPads are utilized by all kindergarten and first grade students.  Grades two through six attend class in the computer lab each week and have daily access to laptops in the classroom. 

Extracurricular activities available to our students include the following:  Writers and Artists Conference, Student Council, Safety Patrol, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Super Hoopers, and Super Spikers.

Grades K-12 on one Campus
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